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  • Accredited Barista & Latte Art course

    Register Barista course + Latte art course : $320

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  • Barista Work Skills Class

    3.5 hours Learn the skills necessary for a cafe barista to practice, including how to write a order, how to use touch screen , how to quickly make 2 cups or more of coffee in one minute, and how to quickly make multiple different coffee lists in a busy coffee shop.

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  • Basic Barista course

    4 hours hands-on practise, small group training , Chinese and English teaching, to ensure that students independently making coffee on the same day. Barista Experience Certificate will be issued on the same day .

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  • Brunch making Class

    4 hours hands-on experience , 4 different kind of dish including :French toast , Egg Benedit ,Corn Fritter and Bruschetta . Fresh ingredient , house made sauce from preparation to presentation ,you will enjoy the class !

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  • Cocktail Bartending Class

    4-hour course to learn how to make popular western bar cocktails, including , Japanese Slipper, Mojito, B-52, Espresso Martini, Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Sexy on the beach ,rainbow etc.

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  • Course Bundle Package(Special)

    Register Barista Course +Latte Art:$320

    Register Barista Course+Latte Art+Barista work skills:$460

    Register Barista Course +Latte Art+Barista work skills +Sushi course: $620

    Register Barista Course +Latte Art+Barista work skills+Sandwich course:$620

    Register Barista Course +Latte Art+Barista work skills+Brunch Making Course:$620

    Register Barista Course +Latte Art+Barista work skills+Cocktail Course: $620

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  • Hand brewing course

    Hand brewing coffee is a domestic way to pour over excellent espresso

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  • Latte Art Course

    3 hours hands-on training, Latte Art including Etching techniques, fudge Techniques ,and Free pouring techniques ,end of the day students can not only pouring a perfect heart and Tulip ,but also can design their own patterns

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  • Master Sushi Class

    Course Description: Four hours hands-on practice course,including basic knowledge &history of sushi , how to prepare sushi Rice , how to make mini sushi roll ,inside out sushi roll, sushi hand roll , battleship sushi roll, nigiri sushi and sushi platter.

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  • Sandwich course

    4 hours of hands-on practice classes, learning how to prepare and serve sandwiches, including different kind of sandwiches ,Bread Roll and Wrap and also gourmet open sandwiches .

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