Sushi Course

Course Description: Four hours hands-on practice course,including
basic knowledge &history of sushi , how to prepare sushi Rice , how to
make mini sushi roll ,inside out sushi roll, sushi hand roll , battleship sushi
roll, nigiri sushi and sushi platter .

Course content:
Knowledge & History of sushi
How to make sushi rice
Mini sushi roll
Inside out sushi roll
Sushi hand roll
Battleship sushi
Nigiri sushi
Sushi platter


Course Fee:$160

Time Table


  • by Alan wong Posted 14/07/2018 10:55

    Hi. I intend to join sushi class on 15 july 2018. Any class available? Im work from mon – sat and sun is my offday.

    • by siteadmin Posted 15/07/2018 03:12

      next avaliable 22rd Jul 2pm-5:30pm

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